minRead jQuery plugin

Medium's "x min read" is a simple, yet very useful feature from the user's point of view.

I'm at work, I want to know how long this article will take me to read. I don't want to start reading something only to find out that it's going to be the longest piece of writing I've ever come across.

Implementing is super easy:


There are a couple of options to bare in mind:

where: ".time",			// where the "x min read" will be inserted. Defaults to ".min-read"
wordsPerMinute	: 180,		// this is the avg adults can read on a screen, acording to wikipedia
archive: true,			// set to true if trying to fetch read time from another page. "false" by default
archiveText: ".text",		// if archive: true, time will be calculated using text on div specified here. Defaults to ".text"
anchor: ".article-link"		// external article anchor class. Defaults to ".article-link"

Will try to turn this into a Wordpress Plugin soon. I know estimating other post's time like this is not the best way to go.

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